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문화적 기원 60~70년대 미국
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관련 아티스트와 곡 편집

Gato Barbieri - Encontros (part I & II)

Gato Barbieri - Latino America

Gato Barbieri - Marissea

Gato Barbieri - Para Nosotros

Gato Barbieri - Juana Azurduy

Gato Barbieri - Milonga Triste

Gato Barbieri - Lluvia Azul

Gato Barbieri - La Padrida

Gato Barbieri - Viva Emiliano Zapata

Gato Barbieri - The Third World (1969) Full Álbum

Gato Barbieri - Caliente! (full album)

Gato Barbieri - Ruby Ruby(full album)

Gato Barbieri- Tupac Amaru

Gato Barbieri - Falsa Bahiana

Gato Barbieri - Bahia

Gato Barbieri - Last Tango in Paris

Gato Barbieri - Maria Domingas

Gato Barbieri - El Sertao

Gato Barbieri - Yo Le Canto a La Luna(뭔가 티스퀘어 냄새난다)

Gato Barbieri - Antonico

The Jazz Crusaders - Love and Peace

Jazz Crusaders - Black Bird

Crusaders - Way Back Home

jazz crusaders - Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again

jazz crusaders - Funky Shuffle

The Jazz Crusaders - Hard Times

The Crusaders - Pass The Plate

The Crusaders - Listen and you'll see

The Crusaders - Greasy Spoon

The Crusaders - Hollywood(full album)

The Crusaders - So Far Away

The Crusaders - Three Children

The Crusaders - Where there´s a will there´s a way

The Crusaders - Crossfire

The Crusaders - In The Middle Of The River

THE CRUSADERS - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep


The Crusaders - So Far Away

Crusaders - Scratch

The Crusaders - Southern Comfort(full album)

The Crusaders - Chain Reaction

The Crusaders - Creole


The Crusaders - Rainbow Vision

The Crusaders - Hallucinate

The Crusaders - Give It Up

The Crusaders - Hot's In

The Crusaders - Soul Caravan

The Crusaders - Those Southern Knights(full album)

The Crusaders - Keep That Same Old Feeling

The Crusaders - Feeling Funky

Ramsey Lewis - Mother Nature's Son

Ramsey Lewis - Julia

Ramsey Lewis - Les Fluer

Ramsey Lewis - Good Night

Ramsey Lewis - Ode

Ramsey Lewis - Back In The U.S.S.R.

Ramsey Lewis - Dear Prudence

Ramsey Lewis - Sexy Sadie

Ramsey Lewis - Bold And Black

Ramsey Lewis Trio - Uhuru

Ramsey Lewis trio - Do What You Wanna

The ramsey Lewis Trio - Cecile

Ramsey Lewis Trio - If You Got It Flaunt It (Part 1)

Ramsey Lewis - The Piano Player

Ramsey Lewis - Back to the Roots

Ramsey Lewis - Upendo Ni Pamoja

Ramsey Lewis - Funky Serenity 1972 (Full Album)

Ramsey Lewis - Hummingbird

RAMSEY LEWIS - Love For a Day


Ramsey Lewis featuring Earth, Wind & Fire - Sun Goddess

Ramsey Lewis - Love Song

Ramsey Strut - Jungle Strut

Ramsey Lewis - Hot Dawgit

Ramsey Lewis - Tambura

Ramsey Lewis - Don't It Feel Good

Ramsey Lewis - Juaacklyn

Ramsey Lewis - I Dig You

Ramsey Lewis - Something About You

Ramsey Lewis - That's The Way Of The World

Ramsey Lewis - What's The Name Of This Funk

Ramsey Lewis - Fish Bite

Ramsey Lewis - Can't Function

Ramsey Lewis - Salongo

Ramsey Lewis - Love Notes

Ramsey Lewis - Stash Dash

Ramsey Lewis - The messenger

Ramsey Lewis - Chili Today Hot Tamale

Ramsey Lewis - Shining

Ramsey Lewis - Spring High

Quincy Jones - Walking In Space (FULL ALBUM)

Quincy Jones - Gula Matari (Full Album)

Quincy Jones - Smackwater Jack (full album)

Quincy Jones - Theme from The Anderson Tapes

Quincy Jones - Brown Ballad

Quincy Jones - You've Got It Bad Girl(full album)

Quincy Jones - Body Heat (FULL ALBUM)

Quincy Jones - Tryin' to Find Out About You

Quincy Jones - Mellow Madness(full album)

George Duke - Come Together

George Duke - The Woman Who Sends Me Home

George Duke - The Inner Source

George Duke - Faces in Reflection(full album)

George Duke - Feel

George Duke - Love

George Duke - Old Slippers

George Duke - Yana Aminah

George Duke - Funny Funk

George Duke - The Aura Will Prevail (full album)

George Duke - I Love the Blues, She Heard My Cry (full album)

George Duke - Back To Where We Never Left

George Duke - Don't Be Shy

George Duke - Tryin' & Cryin'

George Duke - Do What Cha Wanna

60 ~ 70년대 스무드 재즈 모음집 1

60 ~ 70년대 스무드 재즈 모음집 2

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